No Operations Taking place Due To Lack of Water

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Thursday, July 18, 2013
Published On: 15:41:46 PM

NOIDA: The biggest problems faced by the patients of ESI Hospital is that no operations are taking place in the hospital due to lack of or no water . Many operations are cancelled in the hospitals and all the delivery cases are referred to other hospitals. 

Though, by evening the operation theaters were opened again and operations started taking place .

On Wednesday morning, due to the default in the water motor of the hospital , the water supply of the hospital was ceased and due to this the Hospital Management had to cancel all the operations. 

According to the hospital sources , approximately 25 cases of operations were referred to the other hospitals.Maximum cases amongst them were delivery cases. 

The Director of the hospital Dr. Ajay Raj Kamra said that construction was going in the hospital. Due to the falling of a hammer on the water motor and it got destructed ,and so the water supply got cut  

All the emergency cases of operations were referred to other hospitals .

Report By - Shruti Sharma

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