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Friday, December 20, 2013
Published On: 17:58:38 PM

The blue Porsche Cayman S in the portico of the Hyatt Regency with multi-coloured polka dots splattered across its sleek body looked out of character like a business executive in a vibrant tutu would. Nevertheless it got enough attention. The car was part of the promotion by Mini Melts, the ice cream brand, which marks its foray into Chennai. The U.S-based brand will be manufactured and sold in India by HoneyBee amusements.

Star Wars theme music blared out of the speakers as a Mini Melts kiosk was unveiled at the recent launch event. That was also the prop for a rather unusual and spiffy fashion show which had models strut about the ramp in short and cutesy outfits in hues of the different ice cream flavours. They half danced, half shuffled by the counter and then walked around the room with little bowls of ice cream feeding a few people and sampling the rest themselves. Many looked amused, as for the others we aren’t sure if they were as thrilled to have cold spoonful of ice-cream being shovelled down their throat. After all Mini Melts claims to be the world’s coldest ice cream. At first glance a cup of Mini Melts could easily be mistaken for popcorn. The small granule or pellet sized ice creams are delightful to look at. It gets this shape because of the technology they implement using liquid nitrogen which instantly freezes it to 190 degree centigrades and it’s stored and served at 45 degree centigrade.

Mini Melts is available in 16 flavours in India. This includes vanilla, black currant, birthday cake, cotton candy, rainbow (which comprises different colours and a burst of citric flavours, almost tastes like a fruity chewing gum), butterscotch and desi flavours such as motichur, pista elaichi and shahi kulfi.

Mini Melts will be available soon at malls and standalone eateries in the city.

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