Doctors and Medical institutes in Himachal Propagating AIDS

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Nitika Walia, Star Live 24
Monday, September 29, 2014
Published On: 13:41:57 PM

New Delhi: In a shocking revelation, the top most health institute of the state,  the doctors and the administrative staff of Indira Gandhi Medical College, is helping dreaded diseases like AIDS and other fatal infections to be carried from one patient to another by re using the disposable syringes. The syringes which are meant to be destroyed immediately after they have been used, are being re cycled to the retail counter, and are again being given to the patients (ofcourse again charging for them) with new packing, which makes them look fresh and  sanitised.

The matter came to light when a patients attendant, got curious after seeking the blood marks on the needle of so claimed new syringe, and then took the matter and brought it to the knowledge of the medical college authorities and in parallel bringing it out in the media.

This retail outlet has been outsourced by the medical college authorities, and is being run by a private operator, who is needless to mention must been having cozy relations with the government and its leaders, and has been operational since this government took over, and since these two and half years there would have been so many cases in which any serious infection would have carried from one patient to another.

While talking unofficially on this re use of the needles to the press, the state Chief Minister Virbhadhra Singh, who was at a function, said,” i was at IGMC yesterday due to some work and stayed there till 9:30 PM but no one apprised me about this, but i thank the press for bringing this to the knowledge of government.”

“ enquiry is immediately being ordered into this matter and all the aspects, including the retailer and the medical college authorities their roles, will be deeply and promptly examined by this high level committee and the reports will be furnished in time reference, and no one will be spared in this crime against humanity.” Said Singh

Singh further took the briefing from the local Deputy Commissioner, and ordered the complete seize of the entire stock. Taking a prompt action on the orders of the Chief Minister, state drug controller Navneet Marwaha, has seized the stock of the retailer and has further ordered the retailer not to sell anything till the enquiry reaches a conclusion.  

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