I didn’t apply any makeup for 12 years: Mamta Kulkarni

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Sunday, July 21, 2013
Published On: 07:55:33 AM
I didn’t apply any makeup for 12 years: Mamta Kulkarni

Mamta Kulkarni — the feisty actor from the 90s who was part of films such as Ghatak, Karan Arjun and Baazi, is now, believe it or not, a spiritual queen. The 41-year-old, who has been away from the limelight for more than a decade, has been found, and it turns out she has even written a spiritual book, Autobiography Of An Yogini (sic), by Mamta Kulkarni.

Revealing the reason for quitting Bollywood in an interview to Bollywoodjournalist.com, she says, 'Some are born for cause of world … some are born as cause for God, I fall for latter part. So, the call to go to my actual cause of my existence was inevitable (sic).'

Asked about her plans to make a comeback, she says, 'I am laughing, is it possible for ghee to become milk again? Is it possible for Rishi Valmiki to become Vallya again? My real heroes have changed from Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir to first the Father, and Lords of all religions.'

Mamta, who even took potshots at some of her contemporaries in the interview, doesn’t reveal her whereabouts. 'In these 12-13 years, not even my family knew where I was and what I was doing, as this was the demand of the spiritual world .... the Mamta Kulkarni they knew (to be leading) a previous celebrity’s life had/was already burning into ashes. Out of 24 hours, 18 hours went in God’s service ... where was the time to see or hear anyone? I didn’t apply makeup for 12 years, didn’t visit a beauty parlour for 12 years, didn’t watch a movie for 12 years, didn’t look in the mirror for 12 years!'

Kulkarni also clears the air about her reported marriage to alleged drug-lord Vicky Goswami. 'I was never married to no one, neither am I still married to anyone. My penance got over and Vicki was released ... I love vicki but even he knows my first love now is God (sic).'

Courtesy : Hindustan Times

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