Bodybuilding Seeks Government Attention

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Deepak Mandal, Star Live 24
Thursday, July 9, 2015
Published On: 14:24:36 PM
Bodybuilding Seeks Government Attention
New Delhi/Deepak Mandal:Ashish Kumar, is a professional bodybuilder based in New Delhi, he is also a fitness trainer and a School teacher in a private school.At the age of 36 he can give easy fight to Pro-bodybuilder in India .He used his own body to experiment the workout,supplements its routine and quality.He knows every small and big detail of work-out techniques,Postures,fitness and bodybuilding ethics.
Ashish won several medals in bodybuilding including Mr.North India(99-2000),Mr.India(2000-01),Bronze medal in Mr.India (Pune-2008),Mr.Universe(4th Rank),National Gold in powerlifting (3 times),Gold medal in Bench Press (5 times),recently he lighted the name of the nation in Italy after securing 4th place in Mr.Universe.After achieving these many achievements Government is unluckily ignoring the game of bodybuilding.
His robust physique, sturdy facial expression and jagged eyes keep away even the most mischievous elements from him but very few people knows that he never even raised his voice to anyone in his life.
5 foot 7 inch tall Ashish kumar is so much passionate for bodybuilding that even after teaching he gives his time to exercise and workout.
Ashish kumar has shared his early life with
Ashish would you like to tell us about your early days and family?
My father and my family is from lower middle class . I am from Judo background, when I firstly entered a gym got critised by the members as I  lifted 20 kg in my attempt.From that I got motivated and came into this profession.My family supported me at every moment .
What was your early experience in the field of Bodybuilding?
When I came into bodybuilding the experience was not good as the professional bodybuilders were so well defined and started underestimated me but when I had won the title they started respecting me .
With whom you have competed with as of now?
I have competed with many pro bodybuilders who not only became the star of Indian Bodybuilding but also represented India in many completion. Virender Malhan,Mukesh Singh ,Bobby Singh,Wasim Khan are famous name with whom I had competed.
People whom you trained
I have trained many students including women who have lighted the name of India ;
Maheep Dagar- India’s Strongest man (5 times),Delhi record holder,Railway record holder
Naveen-Strongest man (4 times),North India
Amit –Mr.India (2nd position),North India (Gold Medal)
Naveen-North India (Gold Medal),Delhi state(Gold Medal)
Pradeep-Mr.India,Mr.North India,Mr.YMCA,Mr.Delhi,Mr.Haryana
Pradeep-Mr.North India(2nd Position)
Dinesh-Mr.North India (3rd Position)
Aman- Mr.India (3rd position),Mr.Delhi(3rd Position)
Jagtaar Singh- Mr.North India(2nd Position),Mr.Delhi(2nd Positon),Mr.Haryana(2nd Position)
Amit-Mr.Delhi(2nd Position)
Sagar- Gold Medal,National medal holder,Delhi state medal holder
Tikam Singh- Delhi powerlifting Champion (5 times)
Ajay-Delhi state power lifting Gold Medal
Vikas Singh (Sub-Junior)-Delhi state(Gold Medal 2 times)
Kalpana Lohat- World strongest woman,National gold medallist,Delhi state champion (5 times)
Sarita-India International Medallist
Usha-National Champion(3 times),Delhi Strongest woman(5 times)
Reena- National (Gold Medal),Strongest woman
Who are your favorite Bodybuilders?
Manohar Aich,Arnold Swarzeneggar,Premchand Degra are my ideals whose biography motivates me physically and mentally.
Do you think Bodybuilding has the future in India?
Government is ignoring the field of bodybuilding but in my personal view if bodybuilding has been supported by the government then the youth bodybuilders and powerlifters can represent India globally and can set a milestone for the world.

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