NBRI, CIMAP adopt Barabanki, Unnao villages for agri-development

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Friday, September 20, 2013
Published On: 11:51:07 AM

Technology from the CSIR laboratories has started making waves in rural areas too. Two villages of the state -- in Barabanki and Unnao -- have been adopted by the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) respectively to disseminate lab technologies for the benefit of the rural folks. The idea is to maximise their agricultural yields and income through technology.As part of the tech vil (tech village) project, the institutes would cover 50,000 people in each village and its adjoining areas. In this way, the project in UP would reach about 1 lakh people.'Both institutes would work in tandem to benefit the people of Daun village in Unnao and Dafedar ka Purwa in Barabanki. Various techniques would be shared with people of the village to enable them to make optimum use of the technologies,' said CS Nautiyal, director of NBRI and CIMAP.From floriculture tricks to floral crafts, dry flower technology to cropping of medicinal plants and aroma oil extraction to aroma-product manufacturing, all such innovations would be taken to villages under the expert guidance of scientists from the two laboratories.'Centres have been set up and plantations has been done in the two villages. The plants include medicinal, aromatic plants and flowering plants,' said HS Chauhan, senior scientist, CIMAP.In addition to disseminating technologies and introducing people to high yielding varieties of plants, biofertilizers are being distributed among them.The villages have been adopted after a thorough baseline survey of the needs and requirements of the areas. The initiative comes as a part of the Tech Enabled Village (Tech Vil) project of the CSIR 800 programme that aims to target the common man with the benefits of technologies developed in the CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) laboratories.As a part of the initiative, the villagers would be trained to benefit from the technologies developed by the various wings of the CSIR.Technologies and expertise of the wings would be disseminated depending on the needs of the area.Necessary equipment and infrastructure would also be facilitated by the institutes.Nineteen tech villages have been proposed by the CSIR to be developed in the country. Be it enhancing the agriculture yield through technical expertise or introducing new varieties and skills -- the project would incorporate it all for the villagers.The formal launch of the two tech villages was done last month.

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