Inauguration of 4th batch of PGP-Mumbai (IIM Indore)

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Deepak Mandal, Star Live 24
Friday, July 31, 2015
Published On: 15:51:59 PM

Indore:Inauguration of 4th batch of PGP-Mumbai at CBD Belapur. Mr. Arijit Basu, CEO and MD of SBI Life was the chief guest of the ceremony. Mr. Basu addressed the batch with what the rigor of IIM is and what is expected from a PGP participant.

Mr. Basu sensitized students with status of Indian Economy and its scope for development. He explained good aspects of the Indian economy with examples of improvements in the last two decades. He was quick to remind that India is yet to improve in many sectors and sets of population. He said we need to look beyond metros, tier 2 and 3 cities since a majority of India still lacks basic necessities such as education and health.  He encouraged the participants to venture into social sectors and help improve the economy.

He also suggested three strategies (TAP) - Technology, Analytics and People to the participants for their career ahead. He said that these strategies can help companies survive in the ever evolving business scenarios and managers to make a suitable environment for growth. He also cited the example of banks using technology and data analytics serving variety of retail banking products to their customers. In one particular example, he praised the Direct Transfer schemes by the government of India which focuses on technology, analytics and people to improve the conditions of rural India. Mr. Basu ended the discussion with suggesting the participants to have imagination, innovation and interpretation to succeed in the modern business environment. 

Dr. Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Director of IIM Indore, also congratulated the participants for making it to the PGP-Mumbai of IIM Indore. He made a few points regarding vision behind strategic placement of IIM Indore’s PGP at Mumbai which is to have greater interaction with industry. He finally urged students to come up with entrepreneurship rigor and do a greater good for the society.

Finally, Mr. Shubhabrata Basu, PGP Mumbai Chair, concluded the ceremony with code of conduct and stress on academic and extra-curricular activities. The new batch will start the academic activities in new campus at floor 7 & 8, Mahavir Icon, CBD Belapur.

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