Coming Soon: Mrs Asia International INDIA 2014 in Pune

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Thursday, January 16, 2014
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PUNE : Coming soon a big platform of beauty Mrs Asia International INDIA 2014 & Classic Mrs Asia International India 2014 in pune. Theme of pageant is "Beauty In Diversity",to the fact that every women is beautiful . 

Beauty is eternal and Age is just figure. Indian Women has made remarkable contribution in each and every field ,She has fought all odds to give even contribution as men to social and family values .This Pageant is set to recognize and celebrate her. Mrs India Asia International is platform to showcase Her Culture,Talent ,Beauty and Glamour.

Mrs Asia International India is conceptualised and executed by Mrs Asia International 2012 and National Director Deepali Phadnis. 

Deepali Phadnis National Director for Mrs India Asia International .She has earned experience in Beauty Pageants and participated in international National and local beauty pageant .Mrs India Asia International is national beauty pageant celebrating married women and promoting Diabetes Awareness.

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This Pageant India’s only national beauty pageant for married Offering International platform. Deepali believes Married Women is biggest natural resource of any Country, She is backbone of family and society.

This is a unique Beauty Pageant based on theme of Beauty In Diversity that celebrates the achievements of Today’s Indian Married Women, appreciate her contribution towards her Family and Society and encourage her to excel in life. Unique beauty pageant is formatted in such a way that Contestants will be evaluated from every angle there fitness , contribution towards society , zeal to excel in life , help people and encourage and inspire showcase Culture, Beauty, Talent, Confidence, Family and Social Values.

During the Pageant Mrs Asia International India will bring awareness on Diabetes awareness by various activities such as March against Diabetes, living healthy with Diabetes, cooking and fitness activities.

Mrs Asia International – India is preliminary to Mrs Asia International. Mrs Asia International is biggest Beauty Extravaganza of married Women in Asian Continent. . Before reaching to International level contestant from all over India need to contest nationally for coveted Title of Mrs Asia International India.

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