Movie review: Screenplay is the real monster in Creature 3D

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Nitika Walia, Star Live 24
Friday, September 12, 2014
Published On: 17:12:20 PM

The forests of Himachal Pradesh are not only about their scenic beauty as they are also supposed to take you back to your roots. And, I am not talking about any ordinary roots here. But, before dissecting a movie, which delivers what it promised in the promos, with our logical lenses, we need to take a small crash course in Hindu mythology. 

There are spoilers ahead, so you're requested to come back to this article after watching the film. Thanks if you are still scrolling down. 

Who becomes a Brahmarakshas?

Usually, a priest who used his knowledge for evil deeds were supposed to become Brahmarakshas. Their ultimate salvation was almost impossible.

The other version

Let me make it easy for the 90s kids. Brahmarakshas were also featured in DD shows like Vikram Aur Betaal and Panchtantra.

The Vikram Bhatt version

A cross between Dr Curt Connors (aka Lizard) and a Doberman. The mutated genes will then be put inside a room filled with chain smokers for many years. Finally the genes would be used to create a huge monster, with unique voice. It sounds like your neighbourhood Army captain is going through a rigorous gargle session.What makes a monster eat human beings?

Absolutely anything. Basically, they are hungry and are coming to get us. 

So, Ahana Dutt (Bipasha Basu) has to battle on several fronts in order to keep the demons of her life at bay. The land mafia of Mumbai pushes her father to commit suicide, and thus she comes to the dense hills of Himachal to open a new resort. Just when she thought that the new business will grant her the freedom to breathe easily, a guest gets killed. As usual, the local administration doesn't believe in any ghost stories, and thus the guests keep getting butchered. Nobody knows what to do until Professor Sadana (Mukul Dev) enters the frame, quite literally. Kunal (Imran Abbas), a guy with a dubious identity is also there, whose sole purpose in life is to drive an open jeep. Now, all these fighters are up against a creature which is ruthless, daring and emotive, at least more than the staff at Bipasha's resort. But, will Bipasha be able to chase away the monster from her land? Will she win the contest of her life?


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