Movie review: 'Mr Joe B. Carvalho' name makes sense, not the movie

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Thursday, February 6, 2014
Published On: 18:17:36 PM

Director: Samir Tewari

The Indian Express Rating: ' star

I've been thinking of one nice thing to say about this film, which I suspect was made because its title can be read as 'Jo Bhi Karvalo'. Funny much? Sadly, not at all.

Sad because I always have hopes of the very talented Arshad Warsi. Because he has delivered, in the past. But in this one, he is made to play a bumbling sleuth, saddled by a mommy ( Shivpuri) who wears polka dotted frocks and dark glasses and bumps into furniture, and a girl-friend ( Khan) who is a uniformed female- Dabangg-type cop but is also to be found in teeny bikinis and short frocks.

He is then dumped into a plot that that is so asinine that it leaves one speechless.

What can you say when you are faced with characters who make no sense, and speak only nonsense? Jafferi is an `international terrorist', whatever that might be, who is armed with a 'neutron bomb' that nestles in a necklace. He also dons several terrible disguises, one of which involves a huge wig and blackface. Raaz roams around with a couple of fellows. Hirjee does exactly what I'm not sure.

Actually I'm not sure of anything post watching `Mr Joe B. Carvalho' other than wonder just how I sat through all of it. Mr Warsi, `hum se yeh kyon karvaya'?

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