Toilet humour: Twitter overflows with Monty Panesar jokes

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013
Published On: 20:52:47 PM

Twitter wits can't stop spinning puns and throwing jokes at cricketer Monty Panesar who has been fined for drunkenly urinating in public after being asked to leave a nightclub.

The Indian-origin English spin bowler was thrown out of a club in London's Brighton area after his disorderly conduct in his drunken state.

Apparently the spinner bowled a googly to some women in the club, who didn't take it too well, after which he was thrown out of the pub. Panesar then allegedly went up to the promenade and urinated on the bouncers.

READ: Drunk Monty Panesar fined for public urinating

As amusing as it sounds, the incident earned the bowler a fine for disorderly conduct and beyond that, a salty sea of ridicule.

Most readers, in their comments, called his conduct 'typically Indian'. But Twitterati was at its witty best.

Needless to say, 'Monty Panesar' was trending on Twitter, given the many veiled jabs he was mentioned in. Sarcasm, Twitter's best trait, made its presence known in almost every single non-news tweet about the bowler and his tryst with bouncers (just not on the cricket field).

credit to monty. my aim is poor when i'm sober so such accuracy when drunk is a skill worth exhibiting.

— kap (@kaprashoo) August 7, 2013

Monty Panesar giving us proof that you can take the man out of Punjab, but you can't take the Punjab out of the man!

— Cricket Gandu (@CricketGandu) August 7, 2013

Ajit Pawar just accepted Monty Panesar's friend request. #PEErPressure

— Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt) August 7, 2013

Only if monty panesar had used DRS, he would been given "not out"

— Clean Jobs Wisconsin (@rcleanjobswi) August 7, 2013

Monty Panesar completely changes the meaning single handedly of 'bowling a googly'

— Rob B. (@_Rob_B) August 7, 2013

Does this mean from now on every time @MontyPanesar faces a bouncer, he'll get his tackle out and start spraying the wicket? #PayToSeeThat

— The Wobbly Bomb (@WobblyBomb) August 7, 2013

Seems Monty Panesar did that thinking England as India ROFL Indian gene kahan jayega:P

— Sonu (@TheOnlySonu) August 7, 2013

Monty Panesar's #Whatsapp has "last pee at" feature.

— pArTh (@pArThism) August 7, 2013

Gurgaon opens its doors for Monty Panesar. Says they plan to rope him as their brand ambassador.

— Gautam K Sheth (@gautamksheth) August 7, 2013

Shane Warne claims the England team have been arrogant. Well Shane, as Monty Panesar proves, we don't just take the piss, we give it too...

— Edd Scicluna (@eddscicluna) August 7, 2013

Monty Panesar's name is funny. Rearrange the letters and you get 'O! Spray at men'.

— Prince Varghese (@revprince) August 7, 2013

I bet Monty Panesar's wife went absolutely nuts this morning

— Richard Pedley (@Tintin1985) August 7, 2013

After Doosra Monty Panesar invents the Pee-sra in SpinBowling to bowl this delivery u have to wet the ball with anyone of ur team mates Pee

— GSIngh (@gajender00) August 7, 2013

After Monty Panesar's peeing episode bouncers in UK to wear t-shirts with slogan 'Gadhe k poot yahan mat moot'.

— pankaj choudhary (@pankaj_live_) August 7, 2013

Given how insanely funny the incident sounds it visibly made a lot of people's day by giving them a lot to laugh about.

As far Panesar goes, he did apologise for the incident but, this one might prove to be stain hard for him to get rid of.

Courtesy : Hindustan Times

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