Test tube baby becomes a mother

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Jyoti, Star Live 24
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Published On: 12:49:13 PM

Tamil Nadu!! Marking a milestone, south India's first test tube baby Kamala Rathinam has become a mother. What's more, Rathinam's baby was ushered into the world by the same doctor who brought joy to her parents 24 years ago.

The baby weighs 2.8 kg and was delivered through caesarean section.

At 4.24 pm on Thursday, the girl's first cry made everyone at Chennai's GG Hospital emotional. Rathinam was born at the same hospital through assisted reproductive technology on August 1, 1990, making her the first test tube baby in south India.

What made the moment even more special was the fact that both mother and daughter were brought into the world by the same doctor: Kamala Selvaraj. In fact, Rathinam was named after the doctor.

Selvaraj, a well-known obstetrician and gynaecologist, is the daughter of Gemini Ganesan, yesteryear Tamil superstar.

"It's a top of the world feeling. I thank the almighty for having given me this chance," said Selvaraj.

The doctor said the birth of the test tube baby was still fresh in her memory. "Somebody was taking a video. I cherished so much on how the first baby came out. They stayed with us for one month. I held the baby and cried as if she was my baby," she said.

Two and a half decades ago, Rathinam's father V. Ramamurthy, then 45, and an ardent fan of Gemini Ganesan, had come to Selvaraj for consultation. He and his wife had given up hope of having a child. The young doctor had then just returned from Australia after learning the test tube technology and helped Ramamurthy and his wife.

"I knew my daughter will have a baby. But I was worried she might also have a delayed motherhood like my wife. But I am so happy that she has given birth to a baby this fast. Her mother was very happy when our daughter conceived but today she is not alive. I think she is taken a rebirth as my granddaughter," Ramamurthy said in Tamil

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