• A perfect platter

    Eating post shopping in a mall is almost a given. A number of restaurants and huge food courts dotting the mallscape entice the visitors into it. One of my favourite malls is the luxurious DLF Emporio..... More
  • Delight in the details

    I have said this earlier, and I am going to say it again – I love sushis. In fact, even before sushis and sashimis became a rage in Delhi, I had loved the taste of a thin sliver of raw fish dipped in ..... More
  • There’s dough in dosa

    This must be what it feels like to be hit by a tornado. Jawahar Chirimar and Sam Subramaniam charge in, fuelled by energy, enthusiasm and possibly, too much caffeine. Sam puts down his coffee cup to j..... More
  • Purple attraction

    Brinjal is popularly known as aubergine in the western world or eggplant in some countries. It is a very low calorie vegetable with a good nutrition profile. High in water content and potassium, it is..... More
  • Something new, Something old

    Gobhi alu, gobhi matar, gobhi chawal, gobhi paratha on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… The same phool gobhi, cauliflower, that I wait for all summer, is now coming out of my ears. Recently, in d..... More
  • Chaat and chutney!

    Looking for some interesting dishes for your weekend party? Here is a yummy chicken chaat. Also comes your way a non-vegetarian chutney with rather unusual combination of ingredients. Happy eating! In..... More
  • Banter about Banta

    I have thought about this question many times. Why is Banta called Banta? And not Santa? Or for that matter, why not anything else? Well, some have shrugged shoulders at me, some have wondered like I ..... More
  • Stew, salads and tahini

    You always looks forward to promotions of international cuisines at hotels and restaurants curated by expat chefs simply because you know you are most likely to have authentic fare on your plate. So t..... More
  • Seafood just a click away

    Except for a flex board which announces ‘’, the ‘premises’ of the e-commerce venture is vastly different from other similar businesses. It is located in the interiors of Nayarambalam, a ..... More
  • Salad days are here again

    Crispy, crunchy, colourful and healthy - salads make the perfect starter Grated salad Ingredients: Potatoes, boiled- 8-10 Radish, grated- 1 Beet root, grated-1 Cucumber, grated-1 Carrots, grated-2 Gre..... More
  • Old-world flavours

    We go upstairs. We go downstairs. We even consider eating in the car. Then change our mind when we realise the neighbouring vehicle is filled with massive moustachioed men, taking furtive swigs from a..... More
  • How to make…Pulikaachal

    Pulikaachal is the paste that is mixed with rice to make tamarind rice. A specialty of the Iyengar community it finds mention in 10th Century inscriptions and the literature of the 4th Century A.D. I ..... More
  • Facts about fat

    Please raise your hand and introduce yourself if you’re an addict. Okay, I’ll go first. My name is Raj and I’m a ghee addict. Dosa without ghee seems like an oasis without water to me. Nei saadham (gh..... More
  • A Mughal sojourn

    The Mughals gave India her greatest architectural monuments but not many people know that they also transformed the country's cooking by fusing Middle Eastern cuisine with Indian spices and ingredient..... More
  • New beginning, sweet ending

    The auspicious Pôhela Boishakh, marking the first day of the Bengali calendar, brings with itself new beginnings, festivity and delight. And what better way to start a new year than some savoury Benga..... More
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