Wanna have flat tummy?

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Monday, December 2, 2013
Published On: 18:34:10 PM

Wanna have flat tummy?

We have a diet plan to help you stay in shape andlook younger.

1. Cut down on fattening meat: Avoidmeats like pork, beef etc. You can indulge once in a while, but try to avoidfattening food as much as possible.
2. Exercise smart: You don'tneed to go all out with your exercise regime. Instead opt for smarter andsimpler exercises.  Breathing exercises, joggi
, squats etc helpmuch more than heavy exercises where you only end up exerting yourself andgetting lethargic and weak in the process. Since you're cutting down on yourregular food intake, exercise wisely." says nutritionist Sonia Rao.
3. Avoid eating late: As much aspossible, eat early and make sure there's enough time gap between your dinnerand sleep. Eating a large meal and immediately sleeping post that is a bad ideafor both, your weight as well as digestion.
4. Eat whole grains: Wholegrains keep you full for a long time which in turn can help with weight loss.Add low glycemic foods like tomatoes to your diet.

5.  Have ahealthy breakfast: Avoid rushed breakfasts like chocolate cookiesand milk. Instead opt for an omelette with two egg whites and some fruit juiceminus any sugar.

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